Skyrift is a city built by Saanix, Tasteyflame, and PorkyMcCaw flying over cloud level, made of floating islands connected by bridges. The city currently has 6 islands, which hold a farm, a church, an armor store, a tavern, three houses, and a marketplace. Since Skyrift is not under the government of the Drootenshire Metropolis Area Governing Body, it does not use WETH, and instead has a currency based on golden nuggets.


Skyrift was founded during the Towny Era of the map, when everyone belonged to a town and country. There was a thriving economy, jobs, trading stations, and a decent userbase. However, the Towny system enforced strict building plots which limited the traditional feel of the map. Skyrift was built as a survival only city that forced players to leave all creative aspects behind, and enjoy a bit of "classic" minecraft.


Because Towny was using iConomy, and the banking system was Country run, skyrift had no means of making a central bank, instead falling back to gold nuggets, which were plentiful in the nether, but difficult to get without skill. These could be traded at Towny Shops back to weth and vice versa.

Survival OnlyEdit

Even with Towny, the map was predominantly creative still, with people building in towns in creative mode. TasteyServ had always been this way since it's move to it's current map. Skyrift was a chance to see what a truely survival town could be.

The Temple of the White FoxEdit

The temple of the white fox is some kind of cheap church, where the enterance is a wolf head. Inside, there is a donation chest and a few seats.

Haxthrin TavernEdit

Haxthrin Tavern is a tavern with all of the 11 music discs, selling potions of all kinds for 1-2 gold nuggets each, it was made by Saanix and Tasteyflame.


The farm is a farm located on the farthest island of Skyrift.  It holds all of the 1.8 crops, including wheat, trees, cane, and cacti.


The marketplace was a failed attempt of Saanix to try to get the inhabitants of skyrift to start their own businesses, it contains 8 stalls, a fountain, and a news board.

raphelee's shopEdit

Raphelee's store was the only store in all of skyrift that sold swords and armor of all kind, it was abandonned after raphelee moved to New Skyrift.