infoRail Line Servicing Rotosaurando

PrimisRail is a Minecart Rail System line owned and operated by primis. While technologically superior to PorkyRail, and much more cost effective, the usefulness of the rails are limited by the locations they connect to. PrimisRail operates three lines, an above ground line called "infoRail", a subterrainian line simply called "metro" lines, and the residentail lines of the once survival town of DatLand in the New World.

Operating HistoryEdit

Origins in Tzerbei - WAATSEdit

PrimisRail's original installation was on the original tasteyserv map. This line was an infoRail 1.0 installation by the name of Weisht-Aeven Automated Transit System (WAATS). The line was a single bi-directional line with a redstone line on the second track. This redstone line was the bypass switch through Tzerbei's station from Westmarche and straight to fort [INSERT NAME HERE]. This line was later expanded when Denbark was built.

Government ContractedEdit

When the map was switched to the current one, spawn point was about 200 blocks south-west from the "spawn town" Thus the Weisht-Aeven government contracted primisRail to create a rail suitible to the task. GoverRail, the result is a horribly ineffecient line that runs along the banks of the BinaryRiver on the Bit Desert side. The inefficincies of the rail arise due to it not being either elevated nor sub-terranian, making the line liable to animals walking over it. However the line still stands. PrimisRail also won the bid for building the nether rail when east map was created. This line however ties into the main PorkyRail lines leading to PorkyPlex rather than a primisRail station. PrimisRail does not hold the rights to these rails, which are properties of the Weisht-Aeven Government.


PrimisRail's trademark line design is two parallel brick lines. This design was taken from the Tzer

bei lines. InfoRail lines feature bi-directional traffic. Lines that were implemented using infoRail were the Mahabarata - Rotosaurando line, and the Porkyrail Junction at City 17.

Datland ContractingEdit

Datland is a survival city in the New World. This city was the offical home of the MCM faction of our server. Primis built the rail line that goes through the city, which is a line with stops at every house, but features a mutex line like the original MCM line, and the WAATS Line. While the city is abandoned, the line works fine.

Metro LinesEdit

Metro is the name for the underground lines that connect to the PorkyPlex Station, these lines are fairly new, and were designed when underrotosaurando was occupied during the gang wars Role-Play.


InfoRail is a trademarked name for the style of rail that primisRail installations use above ground.


infoRail is a suspended rail type, usually 15 - 20 blocks above sea level depending on installation. Stations have two types, either infoQ (see below) or manual launch, which is found at Rotosaurando. All rails use M essageBlock Technology to announce where you are headed on the rail, and when you arrive. The rails merge into a single rail ramp when transferring between station and main rail. This prevents the issue of knowing what rail is launch as is the case of some PorkyRail lines. Lines are constructed out of red brick, and have a cruising speed of 7 blocks / second. (16 miles per hour, or about 8/9ths the speed of porkyrail lines, while using 1/15h the amount of power rails)

Advantages over PorkyRailEdit

InfoRail offers several advantages over PorkyRail lines. Some of them are listed here.

Wrong railingEdit

InfoRail lines prevent wrong railing, or the process in which a cart goes in the opposite direction than intended. This is accomplished in two ways, the launch ramps are unirail, and split into two rails, ensuring the rider is always going in the right direction, and the booster rails are activated by detectors so if a cart is wrong railing, it will stop before it messes anything up.


InfoRail Lines are also in a star topography, rather than the quadro-variate station setup of porkyrail, which has no less than 4 main stations. The star topography of infoRail allows users to move about the map from

one locatoin.


Another advantage is a homogenous rail systems. All PrimisRail systems have the same building material, red brick, and have the same type of launchers and construction. PorkyRail has many different line types.


The Mahabarata sciencific development center is where the infoQ system was developed. infoQ is the trademarked queuing system for primisRail installations. As of December 2012, all infoQ mark I stations are decommissioned and mark II is in development


TasteyTran was a tenant in the mahabaratan labs, developing a passive round robin queue system, at this time primisRail used standard launchers like PorkyRail. PrimisRail decided to develop a rival system that would be "10 times more reliable than anything TasteyTran could offer." This lead to infoQ to be developed.


infoQ is an expandable queue system that holds carts individually in slots until a cart is requested by a user. The carts are a first in, last out style. When a cart would be sent down after the user departing, the queue system inserts it into the first availible slot using redstone logic. Then the slot is marked "full" and is availible for launch. This system is transparent to riders, as it happens behind the scenes of a station. There were three installations of mark I, Mahabarata, where it was developed, City 17 (where it won a bid over PorkyRail) and the PorkyPlex Station. A mark I statoin was being developed under contract for PorkyRail international, but was never completed before redstone logic changed and made mark I moot.

Limitations of Mark IEdit

Finite Cart issueEdit

Because the queue held a finite number of carts, usually 5, if traffic was not semi-symmetrical in and out of the station, the queue could be emptied. Excess carts were thrown into a lava pit as part of mark I's spec. Primis tried to counteract this by having a reserve queue of carts, but this never panned out.

Redstone faultsEdit

Mark I used redstone NOR latches, these latches were usually stable in design, however they do occasionally have to be manually reset due to chunks unloading and causing redstone to get messed up.

Metro and The PorkyPlex StationEdit

The PorkyPlex international rail station is a PorkyRail station which has lines that take you to most of the important sites of the pre-dropout map. Primis decided to expand the station downwards by making a basement entrance into a multi-line primisRail Station. This station was equipped with an advanced infoQ system which implemented sign shops that activated the rails, and sent a cart from a unified pool of carts with a backup incase the queue was empty. The rails of metro ran on the bedrock level, simply because of all of the congestion from the porkyrail lines that have either been abandonded or haphazardly placed. Two metro lines were run from PorkyPlex; To the underground city of Rotosaurando, and one that went to Courtland. However the metro project was put back significantly when Tasteyflame blew up the PorkyPlex Station, leaving nothing but a lava ridden crator in it's wake. The repair of the station was in progress and was scheduled for opening late December of 2012. However This had been pushed back due to constant map reverts, and was canceled when primis left the server.

Operating Lines as of TodayEdit

Metro LinesEdit

The line between PorkyPlex and Under-Rotosaurando was not damaged in the explostion of the station, and operates while construction is in progress. All other metro lines are out of service

InfoRail LinesEdit

The only operating infoRail line exists between Mahabarata and Rotosaurando. the other three lines are in a severe state of dis-repair, and one is simply lost in the vastness of the map due to lack of dynmap.

Residential LinesEdit

The line servicing Datland has been fully repaired after the town was renovated after fires spread and destroyed half of it. The line serving breakfast fortress was destroyed when breakfast fortress was, and the line serving mahabarata was ripped up once the city's economy collapsed.

Retired LinesEdit

There have been lines that were either never finished or are now considered "retired" due to issues arrising on the case of map changes.

2013-02-18 13.19.31

infoRail Historic Site with City 17 in Background

===Metro Lines===

The line leading to the party room was mostly destroyed during the blast, as was the party room, which was right under the station. Since the party room is gone, there is no line to it anymore. The Room was rebuilt, however due to a map revert, it dissapeared once again, and no plans to bring it back exist publicly.

InfoRail LinesEdit

The line to City #17 which acted as a provisional line into Porkyrail was disconnected from Porkyrail for asthetic reasons, and now serves as a historical site and scenic railroad in rememberance of the former InfoRail line.