PorkyRail is an elaborate railway built mostly by PorkyMcCaw . Its numerous lines are extremely convoluted and 

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PorkyRail World Headquarters Over Faith Valley Damn

at times, very confusing. While novice riders may get lost, experienced PorkyRail users can find their way to exciting new lands.


Early YearsEdit

The first PorkyRail line was built underground to connect Rotosurando with Poroko Mountain Area station (now PorkyLand Commons) in 1942. The stations on both the Poroko and Rotosurando sides were secretly built in the basements of Poroko Hostel (now PorkyLand Commons station) and PorkyMcCaw's pagoda. Shortly after the Faith Valley Dam was constructed in 1945, work began on the second PorkyRail line which connected the Poroko Mountain Area with Poundtown (later Breakfast Fortress). This line featured a system of switches which allowed users to either stop at Poundtown or continue on to the town of Courthouse. Later in 1947, another line was created that connected the Poundtown switch station to Kakushimura. However, this line was very short-lived as Kakushimura was abandoned a year later, and the line was soon diverted to the Iron Empire.

Construction of PorkyPlex  Edit

With the massive amount of Weth given to PorkyRail by the Drootenshire Government in 1952, the company decided to create a base of operations. As a central point of the emergining Drootenshire Metropolis Area,
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Overhead View of PorkyPlex

PorkyMcCaw chose the area in front of Faith Valley Dam for the PorkyRail headquarters. After filling much of the lake in front of Faith Valley, construction of PorkyPlex began.      

Railroad Restructuring Edit

During the construction of PorkyPlex, officials at PorkyRail made the executive decision to replace the dated switch-style rail lines in 1956. The switching modules were expensive and at times unreliable, and ground-level lines required fences to be constructed to keep animals off the rails. The line to Breakfast Fortress was replaced by the Skyline that began at the PorkyLand Commons station. When PorkyPlex was almost complete, a new, mostly underground, rail station was built in the center of the complex. This marked the beginning of the Golden Age of Underground Railroads. Lines to Courtland, Breakfast Fortress, and the Iron Empire were now built in obsidian tunnels. This made rail travel much faster than any previous surface lines since the routes were now more direct. 

These improvements led to the abandonment and eventual demolition of the Skyline, but most of PorkyRail's obsolete lines were kept intact. Unfortunately, this made using the rails hopelessly confusing for users at times as there were often several lines going to the same place. 

Urbanization and Far LinesEdit

As the Drootenshire Metropolis Area was expanding, PorkyRail decided focus on buliding more urban lines. The original PorkyPlex station became very cramped and the lines inside fell out of regular use after the Destruction of Breakfast Fortress and a lack of interest in other sites outside the DMA. Thus, Porkyrail demolished the original station above the ground and left only the underground portion of the station which can still be used to access some of the less popular locations. PorkyRail then moved its base operations to the current PorkyPlex Grand Central Station. This station was built along with stations in Haffelton, North Drootenshire, Sangyo, Grand Desert Arena, and the PorkyH20 Complex. At this time, PorkyRail undertook its largest project, a line connecting with the New World. Since the route would have been over 24,000 blocks in length, the project was cancelled in the early 1990s after it was decided that the ride time to the New World would be far too long. Connections to most of the New World line were severed and left to ruin and it currently awaits being connected to the future South Sangyo Station.   

2014 Restructuring Edit

In early 2014, admins primis and PorkyMcCaw have started doing refurbishing work on the map. Their work includes lighting dark stations, fixing track discontinuity, and completing unfinished projects.



A great deal of PorkyRail's competition was from PrimisRail. PrimisRail promised a technologically superior system that involved less minecart responsibility from its users. However, PrimisRail was so difficult to build quickly and efficiently, it never had much usefulness in getting from place to place. PrimisRail, does however, go to Mahabarata and City 17, two locations that PorkyRail does not service. It also has an elevated line to Rotosaurando, a location PorkyRail does not go to anymore as its Rotosaurando line was rerouted to Skyrift. PrimisRail and PorkyRail both continue to exist in harmony today as their lines serve different specialized purposes. 


Another rail line that was built to compete with PorkyRail was TasteyTran, a small rail line built by TasteyTech, inc. in 1954 to compete with PorkyRail. It was built during the switching ground line days of PorkyRail and featured a direct-to-location design that PorkyRail has since adopted. TasteyTran was, in fact, significantly easier to use, but only featured lines going in one direction. Its main station was in PorkyLand Commons and serviced PorkyPlex as well as the town of Courthouse. TasteyTran was an economical failure and was abandoned in 1969. It lay abandoned until 1983 when PorkyRail purchased a a portion of the line to create the PorkyTran line that connects PorkyLand Commons with Little Porkton.

Liam's LocomotivesEdit

Another very short-lived competition to PorkyRail was Liam's Locomotives. Built by religious radical and troll Liam, this rail line was going to be built in Breakfast Fortress in the 1970s. It featured high-tech features such as piston switchers, but fell apart after the town of Breakfast Fortress was destroyed in a TNT accident.