The Mahabarata Research Facility is an underground campus founded in 1964. Originally owned by PrimisRail Inc. It is now a joint venture between PorkyRail and PrimisRail inc. The research facility has produced many innovations for the rail system of the map including infoQ, and RailMail.

History Edit

Construction Edit

PrimisRail Inc. founded the Mahabarata Research Facility in 1964 as it's main center of operations in order to fix the horrible inefficiencies of the Weisht-Aeven GoverRail. The site was chosen due to it's relatively isolated position. Primary excavation of the site began in late 1962, and was completed in May of 1963. Electrification and installation of the reserve redstone generator was completed by July of the same year.

Early Years Edit

After opening in 1964, PrimisRail Inc. poured millions of WETH into Mahabarata to develop new rail technology. In 1965, the prototype of InfoQ (then called InfoQueue) was developed. The prototype system consisted of a rail loop with a timing circuit, in which carts would be continuously pushed through. This caused problems, as crashes were frequent and lead to cart malfunctions.

By 1970, the advent of the new Redstone technology allowed for the creation of the infoQ system proper. The first installation was a test line between Mahabarata itself and Rotosurando. The line was based on the original GoverRail System, but was now bidirectional, with wrong-rail proof systems to prevent crashes. Upon the installation of the station inside Mahabarata, the original entrance which was open air was closed off and made rail-only.

1975-1985 Edit

In this decade, Mahabarata expanded into a powerhouse of invention. The main rail station even included a weather control center which allowed changing the weather across the region. A prototype ticketing system was developed in 1978, but was scrapped as inefficient. This would not be PrimisRail's last attempt at ticketed service however.

Another innovation in this decade was the creation of the infoQ mark 2. Utilizing new solid state redstone repeater technology allowed for a smaller station head to be created. This decreased the breakdown of railstations and allowed for faster response times on the system as a whole.

1986-1999 Edit

After the bombing of Rotosaurando, Access to Mahabarata was restricted to essential personnel only. This was further enforced in 1990 when the research facility was shut down temporarily for repairs. Originally designed to be a 6 month shut down eventually snowballed into a 9 year quarantine of the site after massive amounts of industrial contaminants were discovered in the water table. The cleanup was a massive undertaking that nearly bankrupt PrimisRail Inc.

2000 - Onward Edit

After the quarantine was lifted, PrimisRail Inc. looked for funding to help reopen Mahabarata. 30% of the property was sold to TRAXXIS holdings, who developed the secureRail Technology now used in all primisRail installations.

In 2003, a breakthrough technology lead to the creation of InfoQ Mark3. Mark3 is so small it was able to be implemented without a station head, being installed rail side. This dramatic reduction reinvigorated PrimisRail and even lead to a licensing by PorkyRail for it's larger exchange hubs.

In 2006, a prototype was developed for a smart mail rail was developed, however it has not been commercially implemented as of yet.