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Drootenshire Metropolis Area Rail Mail Headquarters building, above a railcart manufacturer.

Drootenshire Metropolis Area Rail Mail is a service exclusive to the Drootenshire Metropolis Area providing package transportation services

. Available to non-commercially liscensed citizens, it offers services sending up to 4 stacks of items across the entire Drootenshire Metropolis Area.  Restrictions apply to items deemed illegal in the Drootenshire Metropolis Area.


The Drootenshire Metropolis Area Rail Mail service was created in response to the dysfunctional Cleademis Parcel Service. Established on January 20th of 2013, it services two areas of the Drootenshire Metropolis Area; The Harbor and Old Wethington. The first successful parcel shipment was between Old Wethington Parcel Center and Harbor Parcel Center, at 6:59pm on January 20th of 2013. The package contained one of the few copies of The Red Candle.

Shipping SpecificsEdit

The Drootenshire Metropolis Area Rail Mail service is provided under the private company TasteyTechnologies, and therefore must comply to rules and regulations stated under Drootenshire Metropolis Area mandated Act 23, the prohibition of Cane and related drugs/paraphernalia, Grade A & B explosives (Fireworks and TNT) (unless under Commecial License), and combustible objects (defined as Fire Charges and Flint & Steel). 

Citizens of the Drootenshire Metropolis Area may send parcels up to 4 stacks of material at a time. Materials are separated into grades to determine shipping cost. Grades and corresponding items are shown in the table below.

Parcel Grade Table
Grade Items Price
Grade 1: Light Items Any Loose, Non-block Item 150 Haffels/item (1.5 WETH)
Grade 2: Heavy Items Block-type Items 400 Haffels/half stack (4 WETH)
Grade 3: Chemicals Any Consumable Potion 300 Haffels/item (3 WETH)